Helsinki Walk Festival has also two tours in English

Helsinki Walk Festival goes international! We have in September festival two walking tours in English.

Date and Time: 4.9.2019 (11:00-13:00) and 12.9.2019 (15:00-17:00)
Description: You must be familiar with many touristic places this city has to offer. Are you ready to find out what lies beneath the surface of Helsinki? Join us to learn why Finland is building an underground city.
You are going to: Hear stories about Helsinki from a foreigner's perspective (stories that you can't hear from locals), explore Helsinki through its commercial underground passages, learn about Finnish approach to sustainable development, experience the city deep beneath the surface with all your 5 senses, play a fun “recycling” game, visit an underground air-raid-shelter.
Starting point: Helsinki Central Railway Station - between platforms 7 and 8.
Route: Asematunneli, Forum, Kamppi. Finishing point: Hakaniemi Underground Shelter.
Tour guide: Türkan Tezcan, who has lived in Finland for 12 years
Length of the tour: 2 hours
Language of the guided tour: English
Number of participants: 20
Price: 10 euros from webstore. PS: Travel ticket for metro is not included in the price.

Photo: Helsinki City Museum.